EST. 1985

Bretter Engineering Co. Ltd. has been a reputable marine engineering service center. Starting from a small local engineering workshop, Bretter has been growing and evolving to meet the market needs by collaborating with different brands.

Marine Engineering Service

Engineering works related to yacht and sailing boats are what Bretter sophisticated at. Depends on the complexity of the work, but most of the project requested by our clients consists of 3 stages: Inspection, Suggestion and Execution.


"Spotting the Defect Accurately"

Inspection will be provided by our senior engineers. Purpose of the inspection is mainly to let our engineers to diagnose the defects of the boats or parts. An inspection can also let or engineers to propose a more effective way in resolving the issue and to meet both time and cost effectiveness.


"Opting for a Wiser Option"

After a thorough inspection, Engineers of Bretter will suggest a method in resolving the failure to the boat owner. With the consensus of the boat owner, Bretter will begin in ordering the required parts for the projects and start in allocating the resources.


"Efficiency and Accuracy"

Our prime concerns are efficiency and accuracy. After noticing the complexity of the project, Bretter will allocate the optimum number of technicians for the project to maximise efficiency. Project will be monitored and supervised by senior engineer to ensure accuracy.

Spare Parts

Bretter Engineering is now a distributor of Kohler(USA), Seakeeper(USA), Besenzoni(Italy), Yanmar(Japan), ABT-TRAC(USA). Idromar and HP High Pressure Watermaker. Any spare parts regarded to these marine accessories provider can be ordered through us.





Guaranteed Satisfaction

Bretter Engineering cares about satisfaction of customer and determined to fulfill our customers’ requirements with our knowledge and technology.

  • With the development of the company and experience we have been establishing, we possess a competent skill in resolving customers’ requests.

Our Vision

Surrounded by the crystal sea, Hong Kong has its advantage and a potential for the market of marine business. With the rapid growing marine business in HK, it is foreseeable that there are still a lot of unexploited sector for this business to grow. After building a consolidated foundation in the past 3 decades as a service centre of both yachts and sailboats, Bretter Engineering has established a strong reputation among the marine industry in Hong Kong.

With the forthcoming opportunity or challenge that Bretter could possibly encounter, Bretter is ready.

To Customers
Bretter works with passion.

Believing in determination, Bretter is determined to deliver excellence to our customers by refining what has been achieved. Believing in loyalty, Bretter ensures customers will be able to feel our sincerity through the passion of the work we provide.

To Employees
Bretter raises potential.

Believing in potential is there to be nurtured. Bretter will be supportive for our employees and let them be familiar with the companies we collaborated with by providing them a substantial training. Believing in innovation. Bretter will let both engineers and technician to share their thoughts towards work and company. By enhancing the transparency, Bretter hopes to develop a harmonious working environment.

Get in touch

For any enquiry regarding to our service, please do not be reluctant to contact us. We are delighted to serve.

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